The Life of Reilly is a play about an autistic adult looking back over his life at some of the situations he found himself in.  It is a play on the senses as well as the stage and is guaranteed to strike a chord with every emotion.  

The Life of Reilly is written and performed by Alphabetically Autistic's & Red Diamond Theatre's Alison Stanley and ex Cruiser Wight World Champion Glenn McCrory who has turned his hand to acting recently appearing in The Birds at the Leicester Square Theatre.

Premiere is November 23rd at The Exchange in North Shields then various.

Tickets are coming very soon use the contact form for more details.


really reilly is a play designed to help children understand why their friends, classmates, neighbours etc can behave differently.

it is important to teach children while they are young that being different is ok and we should all embrace diversity.

if you would like to book the play really reilly please email

really reilly is written by alison stanley and produced by red diamond theatre.