The Life of Reilly is the story of Reilly, a boy who is non-verbal autistic.  The Life of Reilly is an unflinching glimpse into the real-world problems of autism in the modern world. This trailer is for a short 10 minute film which premiered at the Tyneside Cinema on the 13th of June 2018. The complete feature film starts shooting next year, Starring Alison Stanley, Crissy Rock and Charlie Price. Screenplay by John Hickman, from the original stage play by Alison Stanley. Cinematography and Editing by Chas Stoddard. Produced and Directed by Stephen Woods.


The Life of Reilly CIC aims to promote understanding of autism from school children to grandparents, from shops to employers through progressive productions.

We are a community interest company.  



Our goal is to use our Theatre in Education programme to use the stage as a means of education with the plays The Life of Reilly (adults) and Really Reilly (schools).

Our goal is to use film to reach a wider audience to educate and entertain.

Our goal is to support autistic people and their families with counselling sessions with our qualified Director with life experience Kelly in safe, comfortable surroundings.


Same but different


The Life of Reilly CIC was established to create new ways of engaging with the public to increase autism understanding.  We are 3 mothers of autistic children all in very different places within the spectrum.  We have a wealth of hands on experience and are simply practical not perfect.

Alison Stanley is mother to two boys, her youngest son Jay has ASD.  Alison began looking at trying to understand all things autistic 13 years ago when Jay was diagnosed.  With years of dealing with and working with the same problems you may be dealing with Alison wants to share her experiences through The Life of Reilly CIC.  

Alison is also an actress and play-write.  She has written and performed in the play 'The Life of Reilly' which is centred around young autistic man Reilly and his family.  It has received outstanding reviews and will be repeated.  Alison has also written a play called really Reilly which is designed to encourage inclusion and diversity within schools.


Kelly Best is a mother of 2 boys, one neuro-typical and the other high functiong ASD who is now 22 years old and studying at University.  Kelly was widowed at a young age and raised the boys as a single parent in a time when autism diagnosis were few and far between.  Kelly struggled with little to no professional help and learned to research behaviours and deal with them herself.

Kelly has now been studying for almost 5 years and is a qualified counsellor.  She also gives free time to counseling for Place 2 Be.


Christine Stephenson is a mother of 3 boys the youngest is Reilly, aged 6, non verbal, autistic and extremely handsome.  Christine writes the very popular blog The Life of Reilly. Initially to promote understanding for autism awareness month in April 2016 but due to popularity not just in the UK but worldwide has continued to write.  The blog follows the highs and lows of parenting a child with autism, its honest, thought provoking, sometimes funny, sometimes sad. 

The Life of Reilly blog encourages people to be less judgemental of the autistic community and their families.