The Life of Reilly Progressive Productions exists to engage, educate and entertain through theatre and film.

We use autistic cast and crew wherever possible and welcome neuro-diversity to all of our projects. Creating opportunities and ensuring authenticity.


Short film

The Life of Reilly short leaves the door ajar on an ordinary morning until the wrong driver and escort are sent for young non verbal autistic Reilly. The film shows the struggle of a mother at the end of her tether with the services who constantly fail her son.

Starring Alison Stanley, Crissy Rock & Charlie Price.

Premiere Tyneside Cinema Newcastle

Premiere Tyneside Cinema Newcastle


The play

The Life of Reilly play is set in a Northern family home and looks at how the dynamics change after young son Reilly is diagnosed autistic.

Reilly may be non verbal but he has a voice to be heard. The play looks at an emotional subject with humour and honesty.

Currently on a mini North East tour The Life of Reilly has been a sell-out at previous shows and succeeds in opening a much needed dialogue around autism and acceptance.