Alphabetically Autistic will run workshops for 3 different groups of people affected by autism all varying in length and information.

  • Parents/carers
  • Grandparents
  • Employers

We are parents.  We understand that sometimes it can be overwhelming to attend sessions regarding your child.  We have all felt like we are lost and that we are getting it all wrong.  We aren't hear to judge, we are here to share experience, listen and support.

We will cover the A - Z of the autism spectrum with humour and with honesty. Two of the greatest skills we need as ASD parents & guardians.

We will have guest speakers from the autistic spectrum and from SEN professions.

Parents: We will build into the workshops a chance to talk to each other over a cup of tea.  The feeling of knowing you are not alone is priceless.  Listening to other's stories can give a sense of normality that cannot be achieved through reading books alone.

Grandparents: A shorter workshop but packed with information about your grandchild on the autistic spectrum.  Grandparents often feel out of the loop but tend to be the main caregiver when parents are back to work.  Grandparents are often nervous about caring for a child with autism we will cover the why's and what's to behaviours.  Again a chance to socialise with others in exactly the same position as you.

Employers: Not only can we learn you how to become more autism friendly but we can give you an insight into how your employees who have autistic children operate.  We need greater understanding in many circumstances such as being called by the school to collect a child in distress for example.  These parents have often fought a 5 hour battle on 3 hours sleep before their shift begins.

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